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About Us

We are passionate about computers and maintain that enthusiasm in all that we do. Our business philosophy is to strive to earn each client’s trust and loyalty by developing a good relationship over the long term. That sounds simple enough but requires a great deal of consistent effort on our part. Most important of all, being the people in the company who on a daily basis carry out this philosophy. Taking the time and making the extra effort to properly understand and recommend the appropriate product, service or offer free advice to best address the client’s needs is of primary importance.

In a marketplace where price is being championed by most businesses as the only criteria, and at the expense of many services, we remain steadfast to our founding principles of integrity-based sales practices, individualized customer care philosophies, employee happiness, financial strength, flexibility, and community involvement while recognizing the importance of price competitiveness.

Customer service is a measure of how informed, attentive and personable an employee is. The goals of our employees are to ensure that each client has a positive and rewarding experience with each interaction that takes place. All of us work together as a team to assist each other whenever required to optimize each customer’s experience to ensure that over the long term, relationships can develop between clients and individuals of our company.

As with any member of our team, service technicians are required to meet high standards to ensure that the company’s business philosophy is maintained and customer satisfaction remains high. Equipment and a good infrastructure are also present to assist in the completion of these tasks. Having the ability to repair an issue in-store is an important component in providing a comprehensive customer care package.

Our Partners

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